Labviz is a studio based in Lisbon, but with doors to the world.

Multidisciplinary studio invests in the production of photorealistic images, virtual tour and graphic design, customer oriented looking for innovative solutions in the presentation of their projects, particularly in the areas of architecture, construction and real estate.

Connected to people and understanding needs based on a relationship of trust, an appropriate communication solution is developed for each project.


Union of partners for entrepreneurial projects in the area of ​​architecture & design. A set of services for the promotion and dissemination of enterprises and buildings under construction or rehabilitation.

Focusing on the fundamental areas and the development of an integral service, the team is composed of graphic designers from Ideiagrafix and 3D designers and virtual reality from LABviz.

The name Olisipo is a pre-Roman designation of “Lisbon” that goes back to the Phoenicians. According to Samuel Bochart, the word “Olisipo” is derived from “Allis Ubbo” or “Porto Seguro” in Phoenician, a port located in the Tagus Estuary.

Meet the olisipo project.

Claudia Alves


Claudia Alves

With a degree in interior design from IADE and with technical knowledge that complement the development of architectural projects, I founded LABviz.

LABviz was born out of a passion for interior design and architecture combined with photography, focused on the production of photorealistic images and a virtual tour.

Each project is unique and balanced with aesthetic sense and design, a complete understanding of the relationships and requirements between architecture and interior design in creating architectural visualizations. The details make the difference and the image speaks for itself. 

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